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The portal is a grouping of sites which make do an exhaustive and modern presentation of the islands of the Lesser Antilles. He is completely translated and proposes an information of the most precise because he is designed and admisnistré in Marie Galante, one of the islands of the Lesser Antilles.

Some words on The Lesser Antilles

The Lesser Antilles are an archipelago situated off the United States, more exactly from the island of Puerto Rico and up to the coast of Venezuela. They appear on the form of a semicircle, we sometimes speak about West Indian bow, his length is about 1200 km long They consist of islands:

Vieques and American Culebra Iles Vierges British Virgin Islands Anguilla Saint-Martin Saba and holy Saint-Eustache Barthélémy Saint Kitts and Nevis Antigua-et-Barbuda Montserrat The archipelago of Guadeloupe with La Désirade, Marie Galante, Saints Dominique Martinique Sainte-Lucie Saint-Vincent et les Grenadines Grenada Barbados Trinidad and Tobago Aruba Bonaire Curaçao

We speak French there, English or Spanish and of course Creole langage is heard on every island.

This particular region is at the heart of Caribbean and divided the same history, from the first inhabitants Amerindians to the colonization period. The total Surface is 14 364 km ² and its population counts 3,736 millions (2009) 

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Indeed, we are tryinghard to answer the main questions or requirements for all those who 

  • Live in Marie Galante and need a reliable local information in contact with the municipalities, news from day to day. The portal is maintained on Marie Galante by Marie-Galantais people…
  • Visit Marie Galante and wish to prepare their journey with the best information, to discover the must to be seen places, the historic cultural sites 
  • Vibrate Marie Galante, and wish to have plenty of good time, share the night feasts, the concerts, the expositions



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